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NEWS: Mizuno Expands Footwear Range With New Wave Cadence And Nexlite BOA Models

Mizuno, the Japanese golf equipment manufacturer long renowned for its beautiful, industry-leading forged golf clubs, also boasts a long and rich heritage in footwear. Building on the success of 2017’s NEXLITE SL, the brand is launching two new shoes for Winters 2017-18 in India – NEXLITE 004 BOA and Wave Cadence.

Last year, Mizuno decided to go aggressive in golf footwear market in India, and the success of the ultra-light NEXLITE SL has prompted further expansion in this sector for Winters 2017-18 with the launch of a next-generation NEXLITE shoe plus an all-new Wave Cadence model, a stylish fusion of golf and running shoes that draws heavily on Mizuno’s expertise in the world of track and field. Both shoes have been engineered by Mizuno’s award-winning running team and feature the patented Wave platform technology to make walking the course as pleasurable and comfortable an experience as possible.

Wave Cadence is the ultimate long distance golf shoe, designed to go 36 holes and beyond.  Based on Mizuno’s award-winning running platform, Wave Cadence blends the comfort and support of a high-end running shoe, with the lateral stability and traction needed in golf.

Mizuno’s headline Wave platform technology provides a unique midsole design that delivers both cushioning and stability. Its unique shape, which is inspired by nature, helps to absorb and disperse the forces as the foot hits the ground, producing a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.

“The Mizuno Wave platform is trusted by marathon runners the world over,” says Motohiro Jinno, Mizuno Footwear Division. “But it’s just as effective to walk 36 holes on the golf course. The corrugated sole plate gives a firm cushioning and stability designed to reduce foot fatigue, which makes the last few holes that much easier.”

A newly configured plate allows Wave Cadence to handle uneven terrain with ease while providing a secure foundation for the golf swing. Added durability and traction come via Mizuno’s extremely hardwearing X10 carbon rubber, which allows high-impact areas in the heel to last longer and perform better, as well as Silver Tornado Tour Lock soft spikes.

Wave Cadence also features: U4ic, a unique, extremely light midsole compound engineered for high comfort and performance as well as water-resistant uppers to keep unexpected showers or morning dew at bay.

The next-generation NEXLITE shoe features the Boa closure system instead of traditional laces, which makes it easier to put the shoes on and take them off. The Boa dial tightens and releases a durable Nylon-coated stainless steel wire lace that won’t stretch, with the tightening system also improving the fit for longer-lasting comfort as the whole foot is secured more evenly within the shoe. NEXLITE Boa are extremely lightweight, weighing just 275 grams, and remain one the lightest shoes in their category in golf.

A key golf-specific technology added into the shoe is the IG Multi Technology (Impact Grip System), which is engineered to deliver added grip and stability throughout the swing in firm conditions, and specifically through impact.

NEXLITE 004 Boa is available in three colourways: Black, White/Red and White/Lime for men with a one-year waterproof warranty. While the water-resistant Wave Cadence is available in three colours: Lime/Silver/Navy, White/Black/Lime and Red/Silver/Navy. Both models are available on retail Now

For further information on Mizuno’s full range of golf clubs, balls, apparel, accessories and footwear, or to find out why #nothingfeelslikeamizuno, visit: – Mizuno’s official online partner in Golf.

Role of golf shoes in your game

Buying golf shoes is big dent in the pocket for any Indian golfer. With a decent pair of branded golf shoes costing atleast five thousand bucks, it’s a hard decision at times. However, does wearing golf shoes really improve the game. The answer is a big yes! Golf shoes provide flexibility, stability and balance when a golfer makes the swing. They are designed to specifically excel on the above three criteria so that theres no slippage and the golfer can produce a great shot.


Since a shot is played while standing still, the sole of golf shoes are made broader in order to make the golfer more balanced while attempting the shot. If the sole is compared to running, athletic, football shoes the extra broadness clearly shows. This is because in other sports, the foot movement is continuous; however in golf the foot movement is specifically restricted. Today, shoes like Mizuno Nexlite come with Mizuno’s trademark zero glide technology which help in maintaining balance by providing a grip that stop the foot from gliding inside the shoe.


I tried swinging my driver with bare feet last Sunday at my home course, Panchkula golf club and was astonished to see the amount of foot action required. Well, I was happy its not an issue as my Mizuno Nexlite golf shoes come with Mizuno’s trademark zero glide technology which help in maintaining balance by providing a grip that stop the foot from gliding inside the shoe. Many other golf shoes too have built in stabilizers to stop the feet from sliding. The hard midfoot support is also particularly important when driving the ball, because golfers tend to end their stroke near their feet. The spikes found on most golf shoes also help keep players’ feet from sliding on wet or uneven turf.


Because many times, you need to hit the golf ball from a bunker or an awkward slope. Hence, golf shoes are made flexible for this purpose so that the shoe can sit comfortably on any terrain, while you hit your golf ball. Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit technology provides unlimited degrees of freedom to your feet , hence making mizuno golf shoes one of the most flexible in golf.

Last but not the last, comfort is one of the top criteria’s while choosing a golf shoe over a normal shoe. If a golfer plays 18 holes, he can cover anywhere between six to nine kilometers over long hours of time and hence one has to make sure he wears a shoe which provides the most comfort.