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Review: Axglo Trilite Three Wheeled Push Cart

The Axglo Trilite is a slick folding and unfolding push cart that’s easy to use and makes for a comfortable walking round of golf.


There seems to be an ongoing race to see who makes the most compact, sturdy, functional, lightest, and most accessorized push cart in the golf industry. Push cart brand Axglo is certainly making a strong go at the title with their Trilite push trolley.  Our review will tell you whether or not you should consider the Trilite for your next push cart upgrade.

Size & SetupAxglo (10)

Axglo (2)

In terms of size, the Axglo Trilite hits a home run, both when folded up and unfolded. It is very easy to fit it in the trunk of a car along with your clubs.

As soon as you unbox, it looks fairly easy to assemble.The entire unit comes pre-assembled out of the box along with wheels, and all that is required is to pull the two rim colored levers, one each in front and back, make them free and pick up the cart from its handle. The two rear wheels open themselves to the sides and the cart is ready to roll. The top lever is meant to adjust the angle/height of handle and as soon as all setting is done, push the levers to their locking position and you are ready to go.

While setting it up, you will clearly feel, how the Trilite is really sturdy and robust. The aluminium used is aircraft grade and the plastic polymer at joints is pretty solid.

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Folding back is easy too, you just have to pull the two levers and the trolley will collapse into its compact position again.

Storage & AccessoriesAxglo (8)


Theres a plenty of storage in the top console of the cart. Its soft and good enough to hold 2-3 sleeves of balls, range finder, phone, tees etc. Also, there are two mesh pockets at the back of console which can hold your loose balls, tees, score cards etc.

The Trilite model in India comes stock with an umbrella holder and a bottle holder. Putting them on the cart is fairly easy after going through the instructions which come with the push cart.

Axglo (6)

There’s also a complementary carry bag with Axglo branding. The trolley fits like a Axglo (5)glove in the bag, although the bag does not have any protective padding.

Additionally, one can buy an Axglo seat from the company which is easy to attach with the cart. The seat is a fairly innovative feature and is good for those long tiring hours on the course.

On Course Performance

The Axglo Trilite push cart does a good job of supporting the golf bag with its dual strap system and moving support arms that allow the cart to fit a wider range of bag sizes. It can easily accommodate anything from a staff bag to a lightweight carry bag, and it doesn’t rely on flimsy velcro to hold your precious clubs. 


ControllAxglo (3)ing the Trlite was easy across all different terrain. The parking brake does itjob and is easy to engage to make sure your precious clubs don’t go for the dreaded “ghost ride.”  All in all, the Trilite performs well on the course and does its job of making an 18 hole walk easier on your body.

Finally, I want to mention again how solid the construction of the Trilite is.  As you roll over hills and bumps, there’s no rattling, jiggling, or shaking of loose parts.  Everything on the cart is rock solid from the handle to the wheel to the straps. This is a cart that performs well and will perform well for a long, long time.






Frankly, Axglo Trilite is an underdog in the world of Clicgears etc. However, its an ingenious design which is a result of years of improvement. At a price of about 15k, it is much better deal than any basic aluminum three wheeled trolley, if you are looking for a long term buddy in it. Cheers!

Axglo (9) is the Official Distributor & Marketer of Axglo in India.

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Axglo ‘Flip N Go’ Four Wheel Golf Push Cart

Canadian golf trolley manufacturer Axglo has re-launched their TriLite & Flip N Go Trolley designs to Indian golfers.

We explored the Axglo TriLite Three Wheel golf push cart in our recent article (Have a look). Now let’s overview the ‘Axglo Flip n Go Four Wheel Ultra Compact Foldable Aluminium Golf Cart’.

Based on the singular tube frame design you have one of the smallest portable golf push carts in the Indian market today. This cart is built with high-strength industrial grade materials that give this cart a firm and sturdy frame to hold your golf bag with ease.

Aircraft grade aluminium gives this cart strength and lightness that allows you to sail across the course with ease as you travel between the 18 holes.

Flip n Go golf carts come with a protective powder coating for outdoor usage. It has a simple engage and release hand brake system.

The Flip n Go comes with three frame colour options, black, white and silver and the choice of wheels in red and black.

The Axglo ‘Trilite’ and ‘Flip n Go’ are exclusively available on our online golf accessories store.


Have a look guys:


Axglo Golf Trolleys – From Canada to India!

Canadian golf trolley manufacturer Axglo has re-launched their TriLite & Flip N Go Trolley designs to Indian golfers.

Designed to be a robust and easy to assemble trolley the TriLite has enjoyed success in both its native Canada and USA and its durability is seen as key to cracking the Indian market.


Axglo has created push carts that will more than surpass the expectations of golfers who choose to use a trolley. In a market that has garnered a reputation for unreliable products over time, the brand has engineered a supremely durable model that golfers will depend on for years, at a very competitive price.

Formed from an extremely resilient form of aircraft grade aluminium and weighing just over 5kg the TriLite is a no-nonsense, lightweight and low maintenance trolley.

The bag rack has been designed to accommodate golf bags of all types and sizes and an adjustable handle and simple engage/release handbrake system make it easy to control across all terrain. The frame is coated with a weather resistant paint to ensure a long-lasting premium appearance.



The Axglo TriLite has an innovative ‘gliding’ system for opening and closing that ensures that the trolley avoids any wear and tear during setting up or taking down. When folded it has a very compact footprint of 65 cm x 42 cm x 32 cm, making it easy to carry, transport and store.

The TriLite comes with two frame colour options, black and white and the option of wheels in yellow, red and blue.