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First Look Review: FootJoy 2019 Fury Spiked Golf Shoes


The FJ Fury golf shoe is truly an amalgamation of sheer comfort and performance. Thorough use of latest technologies and materials has made this shoe highly stable as well as agile.


d263ad_d1e74581c54c44f5a0b4d83cf79c6e65-mv2Bold looking shoes are evergreen in golf and this shoe is no less. With a combination of – mesh materials in the toe, smooth leather uppers and the silver flexgrid MLC cage covering the midfoot, this shoe is a looker. Adding the colors to it, blues, whites and greens, the shoe actually looks like a designer sports shoe.

Globally, The FJ Fury is available in four colors: navy/white, white/grey, black, and charcoal.  The FJ Fury BOA is available in white/grey/navy.  Though the base colors are all traditional, FootJoy has added bold outlines onto each one – lime in the navy and charcoal, red in the white and black.


FJ_51103_04The FJ Fury is a very strong structured shoe which times which wont give in easily. It will look and feel new for quite a long time due to its shell staying pretty intact and solid for a while. Even though the shell doesn’t lose its shape, the shoe is pretty soft and comfortable from inside.

The shoe is very open on the toe side with a lot of cushioning around ankle. The heel is a bit narrow, which is good as its holds the foot in place during play.


The Traditional replaceable cleats give these shoes amazing traction and grip. The grippy sole along with a perfectly sized cage in the upper, make sure, theres no room for your foot to slide around. The sole isn’t as hard as other spiked shoes in the market and is fairly flexible resulting in more comfort.FJ_51103_06


The FootJoy Fury is one of the most comfortable shoes in present market. With a supercomfy footbed, waterproofing and superb traction, theres nothing more to ask!

The FJ Fury is Now Available

FIRST LOOK REVIEW: 2018 Adidas Adipower Bounce Spiked Golf Shoes

F33782_04_standardA modern golf shoe with a clean look at address, the Adidas Adipower Bounce provides a secure fit, amazing traction and directed flexibility throughout the swing.


It was about a year ago that Adidas sold off TaylorMade and left some folks wondering if that signaled a complete exit from golf.  Based on the stable of Adidas Golf professionals competing in every professional golf tournament around the world, that’s clearly not the case.  In fact, Adidas had the largest and most impressive booth in the apparel section at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.


The Adidas Adipower Bounce is a wonderful blend of classic and modern looks.  Looking down at your toes, the shoe has a clean, rounded appearance reminiscent of a classic leather golf shoe.  From the side, the exposed Bounce sole makes the shoe look sporty.

The sole is minimalistic with 6 cleats on a fortified plastic base.


Being able to get a firm grip on the large tongue made slipping the Adidas Adipower Bounce very simple.  Instantly it had the feel of a fine leather shoe that’s snug and ready to conform to your foot.

There’s moderate padding around the ankle with a slightly higher cut.  Midfoot, the sung nylon laces offer plenty of adjustment to comfortably lock in the fit.  The toe box has some wiggle room with spot on sizing.


Look no further than the power DJ generates if you’re wondering about the Adidas Adipower Bounce’s on course performance.  What I appreciated was being able to leverage a steady base on my backswing, then having some flexibility in the shoe while transitioning through impact.

Traction is as good as it gets.  It’s nice to have your feet feel secure no matter what ground conditions or body positions you find yourself in.  I ran into a brief shower during my first round of testing and the rain beaded up on the leather.


It’s amazing to learn what can happen when designers blend advanced materials with good old premium leather.  The Adidas Adipower Bounce may be built for performance, but it also comes with a look that should appeal to most golfers.  Give your feet a chance to mingle with the leather before heading out for a long golf weekend.  After that, make sure to bring your A game – these shoes deserve your best.

Adidas Adipower Bounce Golf Shoe is available


FIRST LOOK REVIEW: Viper Golf 2017 Freestyle 2.0 Handcrafted Spikeless Golf Shoes


The Freestyle 2.0 is the new spikeless shoe from Viper Golf. While Viper Golf is currently a newbie in shoes, the shoe still does stand out in the course and makes a point.


Even though they don’t quite rise to the level of the FootJoys and Mizunos, the Viper Golf Freestyle 2.0 Spikeless Golf shoes are quite comfortable.  When you slip them on, there’s a very cushioned, pillow-y feel.  As you walk, the shoe moves with you without any bunching or pressure anywhere on your foot.  The shoe is fairly light, and the weight is well distributed, so walking a long distance is quite comfortable.


IMG_20171004_233748The Freestyle 2.0 shoe are a pretty tame take on the golf/street shoe.  This shoe comes in full brown color with a white casual sole lined up along. The shoe has a very casual look from the top while the sides look really contemporary. The contrasting stitching adds to the look and the shoe is great choice on as well as off the course.


IMG_20171004_233931The sole has a very aggressive spike pattern to it, and the result is somewhat good traction. For smooth, balanced swingers, the grip is amazing, but players who rely on spikes to maintain stability and drive from the ground would need to adjust a bit.


At INR 2990, the Viper Golf Freestyle 2.0 Spikeless Golf shoes are hard to argue with from a value perspective.  They’re undeniably comfortable and look amazing. Hence, they should serve your purposes on and off the golf course.


Review: NEW 2017 Adidas Men’s Climacool ST Spikeless Golf Shoes

Today, we are going to review the NEW 2017 Adidas Men’s Climacool ST Spikeless Golf Shoes

The shoe is a protective lightweight trainer, best suited for daily rounds. There’s a fair amount of midsole to it although a very flexible one. Deep flex grooves on the bottom of the shoe provide maximum front-to-back flexibility, which allows your foot to move natAdidas-Climacool-ST-F33525_08_1000x1000urally. Unlike a lot of other lightweight shoes, however, this shoe offers a surprising amount of protection underfoot.

True to its name, the ClimaCool is extremely well ventilated. It’s minimal and extremely unintrusive upper allows your foot to do what it wants to do while optimizing airflow and keeping your feet cool when the weather gets warm. I was impressed with how much less moisture my socks, and the shoes, retained. Also, at no point did my feet feel like they were heating up, a common issue when pounding the pavement around noon time on a warm day in Panchkula.

While this is a great new golfing shoe, with surprisingly tremendous versatility, it’s not for everyone. If you simply want to experiment with a more flexible, lightweight shoe for your daily rounds this summer, then I suggest taking this shoe for a Ride.


Toebox: Generous. I have fairly fat feet (thanks to a larger-than-life bunions) and I have plenty of toe clearance, as well as side to side room, in these shoes.

Midfoot: Average. Neither tight nor overly loose, the upper wraps my foot well while providing a secure fit.

Heel: Secure. For an overall flexible shoe the ClimaCool Ride had a rigid heel counter (i.e. not easily collapsable) that held my foot well in the shoe.


In-Shoe Security: Secure. While my foot has plenty of room to do what it wants to do, the shoe Adidas-Climacool-ST-F33525_04_1000x1000doesn’t feel sloppy. When I hit a shot my foot can do as it pleases, but it’s not going anywhere.

Perceived Weight: Light. this shoe felt fairly light on my feet. While it looks like more bulkier  than others in its category, there’s nothing bulky about it.


Transition: Smooth. No clunk or awkward transition here. The deep flex  grooves throughout the shoe allow for a smooth transition, whether you’re a slight heel striker or mostly up on your midfoot or forefoot.

Responsiveness: Firm, but forgiving. This shoe definitely isn’t plush, but it’s fast enough for a tempo run and there’s also enough cushioning underfoot that I felt protected when running at a slower pace.


Adidas Golf Shoes NOW Available

ECCO Golf – About to step foot in India

Press release



ECCO® Golf Agrees Indian Distribution Deal with Bhaseen Sports

Leading golf footwear innovator, ECCO Golf, and Punjab-based Bhaseen Sports Pvt Ltd are delighted to announce a new partnership which will see the company become the sole distributor of ECCO Golf shoes and accessories in India.


Established more than 60 years ago and owned by Zubin Bhaseen, Bhaseen Sports is one of the biggest importers, exporters and manufacturers of premium sports goods and fitness equipment in Asia.


“We are absolutely thrilled at the chance to join the ECCO Golf family and represent the brand in the Indian golf market,” said Zubin.


“This partnership gives us an edge over our competitors in the golf shoe sector, as ECCO footwear has the reputation of being the most comfortable to play golf in.


“The quality, craftsmanship, colours and designs also make them one of the most attractive shoe brands in the market.


“Our overriding goal now that this partnership has been formalised will be to make ECCO golf shoes and accessories readily available to Indian golfers wherever they play and shop,” he added.


“The deal signals further growth in the EAP region and we are delighted to introduce ECCO Golf to Indian golfers,” said Jesper Thuen, ECCO Golf’s Head of Asia-Pacific.


“Zubin and Bhaseen Sports were the obvious choice for us when it came to identifying a distributor for ECCO Golf in India. They will be able to provide us with unrivalled knowledge and expertise when it comes to understanding the Indian golf market and distribution network,” continued Thuen.


“Zubin’s genuine passion for, and belief in, our product was a major contributing factor to this agreement coming to fruition and I feel sure that in time this passion will filter down to both the Indian retailers and consumers,” he added.


For more information, please visit or contact Rebekka Schlippe, Global Marketing Manager, ECCO Golf.



For press information contact:

Sam Elder or Phil Craghill, GMS


Phone: +44 1438 718 399


About ECCO
ECCO is one of the world’s leading shoe brands combining style and comfort. ECCO’s success is built on products with a great fit and top-quality leathers. ECCO owns and manages every aspect of the value chain from tanneries and shoe manufacturing to wholesale and retail activities. ECCO’s products are sold in 88 countries from over 2,000 ECCO shops and more than 14,000 sales points. ECCO is family-owned, founded in Denmark in 1963, and employs more than 20,000 people worldwide.



Role of golf shoes in your game

Buying golf shoes is big dent in the pocket for any Indian golfer. With a decent pair of branded golf shoes costing atleast five thousand bucks, it’s a hard decision at times. However, does wearing golf shoes really improve the game. The answer is a big yes! Golf shoes provide flexibility, stability and balance when a golfer makes the swing. They are designed to specifically excel on the above three criteria so that theres no slippage and the golfer can produce a great shot.


Since a shot is played while standing still, the sole of golf shoes are made broader in order to make the golfer more balanced while attempting the shot. If the sole is compared to running, athletic, football shoes the extra broadness clearly shows. This is because in other sports, the foot movement is continuous; however in golf the foot movement is specifically restricted. Today, shoes like Mizuno Nexlite come with Mizuno’s trademark zero glide technology which help in maintaining balance by providing a grip that stop the foot from gliding inside the shoe.


I tried swinging my driver with bare feet last Sunday at my home course, Panchkula golf club and was astonished to see the amount of foot action required. Well, I was happy its not an issue as my Mizuno Nexlite golf shoes come with Mizuno’s trademark zero glide technology which help in maintaining balance by providing a grip that stop the foot from gliding inside the shoe. Many other golf shoes too have built in stabilizers to stop the feet from sliding. The hard midfoot support is also particularly important when driving the ball, because golfers tend to end their stroke near their feet. The spikes found on most golf shoes also help keep players’ feet from sliding on wet or uneven turf.


Because many times, you need to hit the golf ball from a bunker or an awkward slope. Hence, golf shoes are made flexible for this purpose so that the shoe can sit comfortably on any terrain, while you hit your golf ball. Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit technology provides unlimited degrees of freedom to your feet , hence making mizuno golf shoes one of the most flexible in golf.

Last but not the last, comfort is one of the top criteria’s while choosing a golf shoe over a normal shoe. If a golfer plays 18 holes, he can cover anywhere between six to nine kilometers over long hours of time and hence one has to make sure he wears a shoe which provides the most comfort.