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ECCO Cool Pro Golf Shoes Revealed

ECCO Cool Pro Shoes Revealed – For excellent grip and comfort with Gore-Tex breathability and waterproof protection


Leading European footwear brand, ECCO Golf, has introduced its latest creation in the ECCO Cool Pro, which combines several of the company’s flagship technologies.

This includes combining the SPYDR-GRIP outsole, which debuted on the ECCO Cage Pro, with the pioneering Gore-Tex Surround first introduced on the original ECCO Cool, this new design represents the ultimate combination of form and function.

The Gore-Tex Surround membrane upper facilitates an advanced air channeling system within a grid-shaped sole structure, providing 360° breathability without compromising on waterproof protection.

This combination of grip, waterproofing and breathability innovations provides walking comfort, stability in all conditions and exceptional protection from the elements.

ECCO’s Freedom Fit design mixes a snug heel setting with a roomier forefoot area that allows toes to move naturally.

A perforated, performance ECCO Dritton leather upper that provides breathable and durable properties while a washable, removable inlay sole offers the option of extra width

As is the case with all of the golf shoes in ECCO GOLF’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, ECCO COOL PRO is crafted at company-owned factories that utilise FLUIDFORM technology to bond the upper and outsole unit, creating a one-piece shoe without the use of glue or stitching. Benefits include flexibility, durability and a lightweight construction.

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ECCO – Golf Shoes & More


mm_ecco_karl_toosbuy_gruenderKarl Toosbuy – the founder of ECCO – had a dream. He wanted to own a shoe factory and run his own business. Trained from an early age as a shoemaker, he gradually rose through the ranks and by his early 30’ies was managing a shoe factory in Copenhagen. The business, however, was not his.

The family decided to give up the security of a regular job, sell their home and move to Bredebro on the west coast of Denmark, just north of the German border. Karl and Birte Toosbuy and their 5-year-old daughter, Hanni, rented a small house and took over an empty factory built by the local community to help create jobs in what was a predominantly agricultural town.

The Breakthrough

Farmland stretched for miles around the small factory building on the outskirts of Bredebro 2001839where Birte and Karl Toosbuy had assembled a small team to get production up and running. Initially limited to ladies’ shoes under the Venus brand, it was a tough start. The Toosbuys worked extremely long hours, tackled endless problems and sometimes doubted whether they would succeed.

The first real breakthrough came in the late 1970s when ECCO’s designer Ejnar Truelsen created the “JOKE”. This was followed by a series of other revolutionary shoes, some of which are still in production today. Karl Toosbuy bought his first direct injection machine to apply high-tech production technology to the business. So confident was he in the machine that he bought a second one before the results from the first had materialised.

Developed by ECCO over three decades, FLUIDFORM™ is a technology that enables them to create ergonomically advanced soles. By injecting a resilient, shock-absorbent material directly into the shoe mould, the sole is bonded to the upper instantly and seamlessly, without the compromises common with glued or stitched assemblies. The result is a reliable and durable union between the upper and the sole unit, which offers a finely-tuned balance of cushioning, rebound and 100% waterproofing.

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ECCO Golf – About to step foot in India

Press release



ECCO® Golf Agrees Indian Distribution Deal with Bhaseen Sports

Leading golf footwear innovator, ECCO Golf, and Punjab-based Bhaseen Sports Pvt Ltd are delighted to announce a new partnership which will see the company become the sole distributor of ECCO Golf shoes and accessories in India.


Established more than 60 years ago and owned by Zubin Bhaseen, Bhaseen Sports is one of the biggest importers, exporters and manufacturers of premium sports goods and fitness equipment in Asia.


“We are absolutely thrilled at the chance to join the ECCO Golf family and represent the brand in the Indian golf market,” said Zubin.


“This partnership gives us an edge over our competitors in the golf shoe sector, as ECCO footwear has the reputation of being the most comfortable to play golf in.


“The quality, craftsmanship, colours and designs also make them one of the most attractive shoe brands in the market.


“Our overriding goal now that this partnership has been formalised will be to make ECCO golf shoes and accessories readily available to Indian golfers wherever they play and shop,” he added.


“The deal signals further growth in the EAP region and we are delighted to introduce ECCO Golf to Indian golfers,” said Jesper Thuen, ECCO Golf’s Head of Asia-Pacific.


“Zubin and Bhaseen Sports were the obvious choice for us when it came to identifying a distributor for ECCO Golf in India. They will be able to provide us with unrivalled knowledge and expertise when it comes to understanding the Indian golf market and distribution network,” continued Thuen.


“Zubin’s genuine passion for, and belief in, our product was a major contributing factor to this agreement coming to fruition and I feel sure that in time this passion will filter down to both the Indian retailers and consumers,” he added.


For more information, please visit or contact Rebekka Schlippe, Global Marketing Manager, ECCO Golf.



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About ECCO
ECCO is one of the world’s leading shoe brands combining style and comfort. ECCO’s success is built on products with a great fit and top-quality leathers. ECCO owns and manages every aspect of the value chain from tanneries and shoe manufacturing to wholesale and retail activities. ECCO’s products are sold in 88 countries from over 2,000 ECCO shops and more than 14,000 sales points. ECCO is family-owned, founded in Denmark in 1963, and employs more than 20,000 people worldwide.