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FIRST LOOK REVIEW: 2018 Adidas Adipower Bounce Spiked Golf Shoes

F33782_04_standardA modern golf shoe with a clean look at address, the Adidas Adipower Bounce provides a secure fit, amazing traction and directed flexibility throughout the swing.


It was about a year ago that Adidas sold off TaylorMade and left some folks wondering if that signaled a complete exit from golf.  Based on the stable of Adidas Golf professionals competing in every professional golf tournament around the world, that’s clearly not the case.  In fact, Adidas had the largest and most impressive booth in the apparel section at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.


The Adidas Adipower Bounce is a wonderful blend of classic and modern looks.  Looking down at your toes, the shoe has a clean, rounded appearance reminiscent of a classic leather golf shoe.  From the side, the exposed Bounce sole makes the shoe look sporty.

The sole is minimalistic with 6 cleats on a fortified plastic base.


Being able to get a firm grip on the large tongue made slipping the Adidas Adipower Bounce very simple.  Instantly it had the feel of a fine leather shoe that’s snug and ready to conform to your foot.

There’s moderate padding around the ankle with a slightly higher cut.  Midfoot, the sung nylon laces offer plenty of adjustment to comfortably lock in the fit.  The toe box has some wiggle room with spot on sizing.


Look no further than the power DJ generates if you’re wondering about the Adidas Adipower Bounce’s on course performance.  What I appreciated was being able to leverage a steady base on my backswing, then having some flexibility in the shoe while transitioning through impact.

Traction is as good as it gets.  It’s nice to have your feet feel secure no matter what ground conditions or body positions you find yourself in.  I ran into a brief shower during my first round of testing and the rain beaded up on the leather.


It’s amazing to learn what can happen when designers blend advanced materials with good old premium leather.  The Adidas Adipower Bounce may be built for performance, but it also comes with a look that should appeal to most golfers.  Give your feet a chance to mingle with the leather before heading out for a long golf weekend.  After that, make sure to bring your A game – these shoes deserve your best.

Adidas Adipower Bounce Golf Shoe is available


Adidas 360 Traxion Shoe: Bounce Technology + Great Price + BOA

There are basically two types of golf shoe companies. Firstly, those that started as golf shoe makers and come at it from a single sport background.

Then there are the global multi-sport shoe manufacturers who bring ideas from other sports and apply them to golf and this is where Adidas come from.

Over the last few years they have given us natural motion shoes like the PureMotion and then the minimalist Adizero Tour with its football heritage. This was a bold look, super light, great waterproof performance, but virtually no cushioning as it aimed to get your feet as close to the ground as possible.

Then came the Adidas Boost, finally Adidas offered some cushioning and it worked wonders. When you pushed against it, Boost returned more energy than other materials, like a trampoline under your foot. Adidas Boost was actually responsible for placing Adidas just behind FootJoy at pole position.

Now in 2017, Adidas has come up with Bounce. Adidas Bounce cushioning is best described as a firmer boost. It’s actually bouncy. You get a good amount of court feel, impact protection, and bounciness which is amazing. Specifically that bounce-back that makes you feel like you’re almost floating on air. Foam-crafted, it offers just enough give on the arch of the foot so that when you’re flexing you barely notice that you’re wearing shoes at all. Part of the appeal behind this new franchise is the “get in the zone” storyline, where golfers can feel like they’re transported to somewhere that almost feels like an out-of-body experience. That aspect shines tWhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 8.01.24 PMhrough here.

A few of us at Golfoy, tried the Adidas Golf Men’s 360 Traxion BOA Wide Spiked Golf Shoes, which is a great shoe with bounce tech and BOA lacing system at just under 9000. Here’s how we can sum it up.

The shoe upper has a very modern look, featuring classic leather with a finish of PU on top, holding the loops for BOA. This design is similar to the older Adipower Boost, as a separate base for loops improved the fit of shoe considerably. Two overlapping layers provide a much better fit compared to single layer covering and securing the foot. There is excellent mid sole support along with a perfect arch over the top of fit which holds the foot strongly inside the shoe. Taking a swing is very comfortable in it.WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 8.24.56 PM

The Traxion 360’s tongue has more padding and a contoured and slightly firmer top to fit around the base of your ankle that provides more cushioning against the BOA wires under where the bow would be.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 8.01.24 PM (1)The bounce sole runs throughout the foot and actually forms the best part of the shoe. As you stand to take your shot, you feel the spikes just amalgamate inside the bouncy sole. The bounce sole provide excellent energy return on the points where the spikes are, hence reducing the stress on the foot and giving excellent grip with the ground.

Finally, A BOA shoe at 9k is certainly a bargain in 2017 and you should surely grab one before it flies off the shelves. Click to Buy