Benefits of playing golf

Indulging yourself in sports can never be less than alleviating your lifestyle. When we talk about sports we think about every athletic games like soccer, rugby, cricket, etc which needs a lot of physical strength, stamina and coaching in the first place. have you ever thought about playing a more relaxing and strategic game, like golf. Let me bombard a list of reasons to make you start playing golf today!

Golf is a sport played with a ball and club. There is a series of 9 to 18 holes for striking the balls in fewer attempts (strokes). It is a pool of different benefits which includes all the important aspects of life. Anyone who plays golf can taste the following fruitful advantages of being a Golf Club member.

  1. Physical activities– Golf requires a number of physical activities to warm up the body before playing just like any other sport. A full body exercise, including stretching of arms, legs, back and shoulders are some of the common physical exercises.
  2. Low risks to obesity– Playing golf results in walking over a huge amount of land than regular walking reduces the extra calories in our body and improves metabolism. Golf needs a few acres of land, generally covering 5-6 miles to play that is decent enough to do the magic with the player’s health.
  3. Physical fitness– Those who play golf are more energetic and lively as compared to those who do not. Golf players are physically fit as this sport benefits their body indirectly. Fresh air leads too less respiratory disorders and improves the immune system.
  4. Social gatherings– Participating in golf events is a kind of fun adventure too. While playing you meet every kind of person of all age groups. Modern golf clubs are helping the beginners to learn from the experienced players and provide a common platform to the different classes of the community.
  5. Psychological benefits– Golf is a large outdoor game. It covers a vast area with greenery all around that stimulates the brain cells. It helps to produce hormones like serotonin which helps the body to function well.
  6. Reducing stress and anxiety attacks– People are more stressed and anxious in various aspects of their lives. The credit goes to the lifestyle that we follow these days. We have long office hours where we sit still for hours in one place and choose convenience over hard work. Golf requires a lot of body movement which increases the supply of oxygen to the heart that helps elevate the mood to prevent strokes and neurological disorders like dementia.
  7. An alert mindset– For playing golf, players need to have undistracted concentration. While striking the ball into the hole, the player needs to be focused enough to make the score count. The more alert you are, the more sufficient you become to play golf.
  8. Sharpens vision– For calculating the distance between the hole and the ball, you must have to have a clear and strong eyesight. It helps you to see through all the difficulties present in between your target goal. Golf also improves eyesight through the hand-eye coordination exercise.
  9. Hazards free sport– It is a fun sport that engages the body and brain in an alignment. There are players of all age which makes it more interacting than being just competitive sport. It is not a contact sport like others so, there are fewer chances of hurting yourself during the game.
  10. Fights insomnia– After covering miles by walking, the brain and body harmonize and engage all the muscle to relax. What will be a better relief than a warm cozy bed for the body to sleep? People participating in golf are found more relaxed and put- together in their daily life. They also do not face any trouble while falling for sleep.
  11. Simple game- Playing golf is no rocket science. You just need to know how to grip the club and hit the ball. Kidding! You need to learn all the basic rules of playing it fair. Players should also have a slight idea of some principles of physics because a lot of projectile motions will be there.
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